Countdown to ZeroWaste

On Monday, June 7, York University launches ZeroWaste, a new campaign to reduce the amount of trash produced by the University’s Keele and Glendon campuses that goes into landfill.

ZeroWaste is part of York’s effort to reduce its institutional footprint. Starting Monday, custodial staff at both campuses will no longer service office waste and recycling bins. Instead York community members will tote their own trash and recycling to communal tri-bins (three-sectioned recycling bins) located in common areas. Each kitchenette will also be equipped with a small green bin for organics.

ZeroWaste relies on University community members taking responsibility for the recyclables and waste that they generate during the day. That means giving up individual office garbage collection in favour of communal tri-bins and using kitchenette organic collection bins (which will be inspected daily and serviced as required) for lunch leftovers.

You can help the program reach its goal by doing the following:

  • Dispose of your organics into the NEW organic bin located in all kitchenettes.
  • Do not put organics in your office waste bin.
  • Keep in mind that your office garbage will no longer be collected, and empty your office recycling and waste bins into centrally located tri-bins.

You can also help the University be successful by making sure that all of your waste is placed in the appropriate tri-bin section:

  • newspaper and office paper (not including used paper coffee cups or plates) will go into one section of the tri-bin;
  • cans, bottles and other minor plastics, including plastic forks, plastic bags and bottles that have been emptied of any liquid, will go into another section of the tri-bin;
  • wrappers and packaging that are soiled with food waste or not recyclable should go into the waste section of the tri-bin;
  • all organic waste goes into a separate kitchennette bin or digester. 

A waste-less lunch that makes use of reusable containers and a coffee mug will go a long way to reducing trips to the tri-bins and kitchenettes. Everyone is also encouraged to take advantage of York’s other recycling options.

For more on ZeroWaste, see YFile, April 22 or visit the Yorkw!se Web site.