Three faculty members will receive title of University Professor

York will honour three of its professors at this year’s Spring Convocation ceremonies for their scholarship, their teaching and, especially, their participation in University life or contribution to it as a community.

Professor Wade Cook, associate dean of research in the Schulich School of Business, economics Professor Brenda Spotton Visano of the School of Public Policy & Administration in the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies (LA&PS), and Professor Ian Greene of the School of Public Policy & Administration in LA&PS, will each receive the title of University Professor.

Right: Wade Cook

Cook was instrumental in transforming the research culture at the Schulich School of Business, putting the University on the map internationally. He did this not only through his many years as associate dean of research, when he developed mechanisms to encourage and support colleagues to apply for funding, but also through his own outstanding research. He has earned the respect of his colleagues for his continued commitment to curriculum development, teaching and supervision, and is regarded as an excellent teacher and mentor, continually incorporating new research findings and innovative teaching methods into his courses. Cook will be awarded the title of University Professor during the Schulich Convocation on Friday, June 11, at 10:30am.

Left: Brenda Spotton Visano

Spotton Visano is noted for her contribution to the University community as a whole, through active involvement in collegial governance, including a term as chair of Senate, academic administration and twice as chief negotiator for York University Faculty Association. In the latter role she is noted for her leadership, fairness and strong commitment to principle, which led to resolutions satisfactory to both parties and gained her the respect of all involved. She is also an exceptional teacher with many teaching awards and a gift for engaging students. An active scholar, her most recent work on micro-credit with Black Creek West has is already garnering both community praise and scholarly notice. Spotton Visano will be honoured during the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies Convocation V on Wednesday, June 16, at 3:30pm.

Right: Ian Greene

Greene has demonstrated tremendous commitment to the University through dedicated service at many levels, both in administrative and governance roles. As master of McLaughlin College he has helped shaped a wonderful university experience for many students and strengthened relationships with alumni. An award-winning teacher, he has made exceptional contributions to the teaching mission of the University and is particularly noted for his work in the creation of the School of Public Policy & Administration and the Master of Public Policy, Administration & Law degree. Greene is also recognized as an active scholar whose work on ethics in public life, in particular, has made an impact. Greene will also be honoured during the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies Convocation V on Wednesday, June 16, at 3:30pm.

To be nominated for University Professor, the candidate needs to be a long-serving tenured faculty member, who has made an extraordinary contribution to the University as a colleague, teacher and scholar. That includes a significant long-term contribution to the development or growth of the University or of its parts; significant participation in the collegium through mentorship, service and/or governance; sustained impact over time on the University’s teaching mission; and recognition as a scholar.