Learn to drive more efficiently and spend less money on gas

Interested in saving money and the environment? Attend the upcoming EcoDriver workshop to learn how to drive more efficiently by adjusting driving habits and style.

The event will take place Tuesday, March 30, from noon to 1pm at 280 York Lanes, Keele campus. The workshop is free.

EcoDriver is a 50-minute interactive and fun workshop that will detail how to make fuel-efficient car choices, how to make sure your car runs efficiently and how to drive less. It’s surprising how much can be saved at the pump by reducing fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

Reducing fuel consumption by just 10 tanks a year can save hundreds of dollars and reduce personal CO2 emissions by almost a tonne.

Did You Know?

  • On the highway, every 10 kilometres over the speed limit uses 10 per cent more fuel.
  • Just one tire underinflated by eight pounds per square inch increases fuel consumption by four per cent.
  • You could save up to $1,500 a year by choosing a car that burns eight litres per 100 kilometres instead of one that burns 14 litres.

The EcoDriver event is sponsored by York University and Smart Commute – North Toronto, Vaughan and is presented by the Windfall Ecology Centre.

Bring a waste-free lunch; the cookies are free. In addition, there is a chance to win a $25 Canadian Tire gift certificate from EcoDriver.

To sign up, e-mail Adam Arnold, Smart Commute NTV program manager, at aarnold@SmartCommuteNTV.ca. Space is limited. For more information, visit the ecoDriver Web site.

EcoDriver is a project of Green Communities Canada and is delivered with generous support from Natural Resources Canada and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment’s Community Go Green Fund.