World thinks we’re weird for drinking milk out of bags

In the video, Sheryl Ng lays out a bag of 2 per cent, a jug and a pair of scissors, wrote the Toronto Star Feb. 5. She runs through the milk drinker’s skill set: the proper triangular cut, the cautious first pour, preventive measures to keep an overfull bag from collapsing.

Collectively, the viewing world outside Ontario leaned back in its seat and said, “What. The hell. Is that?” wrote the Star.

“My friends find it pretty amusing, because we all grew up in Toronto,” said Ng, a 22-year-old student at York University. “We thought it was normal.”

Ng posted her milk-drinking video on YouTube as a way of illustrating the differences between Canadians and Americans. They drink milk out of jugs. We drink it out of bags. She titled the whimsical instructional “Milk in bags, eh?”

When it went viral a couple of days ago, it was retitled “How Canadians Drink Milk.”

Police teams reach out to homeless

As experts say more needs to be done to keep homeless people out of jails, Calgary police have created a special unit to deal with the issue of homelessness, wrote the Calgary Herald Feb. 5.

Research out this week found prisoners returning to the community with inadequate discharge planning or temporary supports are at a higher risk of becoming homeless and re-entering the corrections system.

“Prisoners who are sentenced or who are awaiting trial often lose their jobs and housing, and without support, wind up in homeless shelters and drop-ins upon release,” said the paper by Stephen Gaetz, associate dean of research & field development in the Faculty of Education at York University. “When prisoners become homeless, their chances of reoffending increase.”

Brockville salute to John Matheson planned on Flag Day

The father of the Canadian flag, former Brockville lawyer and Leeds County MP from 1961-1968, John Matheson (LLB ’48), will be recognized by the Leed-Grenville Liberals on Flag Day, Feb. 15, wrote the Brockville Recorder & Times Feb. 5.

A fundraising event will be held by the Leeds-Grenville Federal Liberal Riding Association to recognize the 45th anniversary of the Canadian flag, said event spokesperson Duncan Fraser.

The Quebec City-born Matheson was injured in battle in Ortona, Italy, during the Second World War. Upon returning to Canada with a wife, he completed his legal studies at Osgoode Hall and began practising law in Brockville during the early 1950s.