Mothering & Poverty theme of latest issue of motherhood journal

The 21st issue of the Journal of the Association for Research on Mothering looks at various aspects of mothering and poverty.

In this issue, there are 11 articles and 14 book reviews, as well as a special poetry folio featuring the work of Nicole Cooley, winner of the 1995 Academy of American Poets’ Walt Whitman Award for her collection of poetry, Resurrection.

Some of the topics contributors tackle on the theme of Mothering & Poverty include: “Do Workers Think We Don’t Have a Brain in Our Heads? Qualitative Study About Mothers’ and their Social Workers’ Perspectives About Social Services”, “Avoiding the ‘Doomed to Poverty’ Narrative: Words of Wisdom from Teenage Single Mothers”, “Blue-Collar Mother/White-Collar Daughter: A Perspective on US Policies Toward Working Mothers” and “Empowered Mothering Among Poor Latina Women in Abusive Relationships”.

Each issue of the journal highlights a particular motherhood theme or topic and showcases the newest and best in maternal scholarship. In addition to articles and book reviews, it features poetry, photography and artwork, giving voice to women’s lived experiences of mothering in all its complexity and diversity.

The Journal of the Association for Research on Mothering, a scholarly, double-blind/peer-reviewed publication, is an integral part of community building for researchers, academics and activists, as well as mothers interested in the topic of motherhood. The mandate of the journal is to publish the most current, high-quality scholarship on mothering and motherhood, including motherhood scholarship in an international context and from a multitude of perspectives and differences of class, race, sexuality, age, ethnicity, ability and nationality.

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