Honouring the legacy of Ron Triffon

York University graduates of the early 1970s returned to Glendon College to remember a dear friend and classmate at A Night to Remember Ron Triffon held on Nov. 14.

Triffon received his bachelor of arts degree at Glendon in 1970 and was pursuing a career in law before his life was tragically cut short by cancer in 1971. Alumni, faculty and members of the Triffon family gathered to honour Ron and his inspiringly positive outlook on life which continues to resonate among those that knew him.

Left: Ron Triffon

"It’s wonderful after all these years that we are able to bring so many of you together again to remember Ron and the astonishing young man he was," said Paul Cantor, chair of York University’s Board of Governors. "I can’t help but notice the unanimity of people’s recollections of Ron as a person open to all those around him."

Graduates shared fond memories in a special memorial, remembering times spent at Glendon and conveying the impact that Triffon had on their lives. In addition, the Ron Triffon Remembrances booklet was compiled by fellow graduate Helen Sinclair (BA ’73) as a way to preserve her peers’ most cherished remembrances of Triffon. Those closest to him spoke to his kind-hearted nature, positive attitude and passion for life. David Phillips (BA Spec. Hons. ’72, LLB ’75, MBA ’84) remembers meeting Triffon while waiting for the bus in their first year at Glendon. "He had a genius for friendship," said Phillps. "His ability to connect is evident in this room today, about 40 years later."

Above: Unveiling the Ron Triffon plaque. From left, Paul Cantor, Lynne Triffon (Ron’s sister), Julien Cossette, Kenneth McRoberts and Helen Sinclair pose next to the scholarship plaque.

Triffon’s legacy will live on with the rededication of the Ron Triffon Entrance Scholarship at Glendon College – awarded to a new first-year student with high academic standing. Glendon student Julien Cosette of Quebec was the 2009-2010 recipient and articulated the value of student financial support.

Left: Julien Cossette is the 2009-2010 recipient of the Ron Triffon Entrance Scholarship at Glendon College

"I literally fell in love with the campus and knew right away I wanted to attend Glendon College," said Cossette. "None of this would have been possible without the investments made to enable students like me to focus on solving the world’s problems."

"I was 11 years old when my brother passed away and although my memories are vivid, they are through the eyes of a child," said Lynne Triffon. "Your tribute has been very special to me and my family and allows me to get to know Ron through the eyes of his peers." She presented a contribution to the scholarship on behalf of the Triffon family.

Glendon Principal Kenneth McRoberts closed the evening’s ceremony with comments on the future of the college.

Right: From left, Glendon College graduates David Moulton (BA Hons. ’73, MA ’76), Rives Dalley Hewitt (BA ’71) and Lorne Prince (BA ’76, BA Spec. Hons. ’92) raise their glasses in honour of their classmate Ron Triffon 

The Ron Triffon Entrance Scholarship at Glendon College aims to reach its goal of $50,000 in endowed funds. Those wishing to contribute to the scholarship should contact Marie-Thérèse Chaput at 416-650-8286, or 416-487-6801 or by e-mail to mtchaput@glendon.yorku.ca.