Top students in social science and communication studies celebrated at reception

The Departments of Communication Studies and Social Science in York’s Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies (LA&PS) recently hosted an annual awards ceremony to honour the outstanding achievements of their undergraduate students. The event took place in the Harry Crowe Room, Atkinson Building, on Oct. 29.

As with past celebrations, this year’s event brought out many senior and retired faculty members who attended to bestow awards and meet the students. Their presence gave the event a sense of history about the awards and connections between students, faculty and donors. LA&PS Dean Martin Singer (left) welcomed the student award winners, parents, faculty and other guests in attendance.

Masouda Baryole, a student entering her final year, received the Ellen Baar Award, established by Professor Emeritus Carl Baar in memory of his wife, Professor Ellen Baar, who was a member of the Division of Social Sciences from 1971 until her death in 1998. Baryole received the highest grade point average (GPA) in the Department of Social Science.

Right: Professor Emeritus Carl Baar (left) with Masouda Baryole

In all, the departments distributed 33 awards in a variety of interdisciplinary programs. Here is a snapshot of the presentations: 

  • Bhushna Singh was awarded the Gordon Lowther Award by communications studies Professor Anne MacLennan. Singh received the award for achieving the highest GPA in her first year.
  • Ali Blisle received the African Studies Honours Award from social science Professor Uwafiokun Idemudia. Janice Anderson and Jessica Jackel were awarded the Stevenson Scholarship in African Studies, and Jessica Scantlebury the Esiri Dafiewhare Annual Scholarship.
  • Professor Emeritus Henrik Flakiersky joined the festive event to honour Professor Emeritus Otto Friedman by giving the award named for him to Adrienne Comars. This award is an annual prize for a fourth-year student who has a strong interest in social theory, social policy and planning, or the role of the arts in society.

Left: Professor Emeritus Henrik Flakiersky (left) with Adrienne Comars

• Professor Emeritus Eric Koch, a long-time member of the Communication Studies program who retired in 2003, attended to present the award bearing his name to two winners: Rebecca Carvalho shared the award with Aidan Moir. The award is given to a deserving student enrolled in the Politics, Policy and the Media course with a high GPA.  

Right: Chair of the Department of Social Science Richared Wellen (left) with Rebecca Carvalho and Professor Emeritus Eric Koch

  • Social science Professor Jay Goulding announced that Devon Wong would be given the Social & Political Thought Scholarship.
  • Sherry Stein was awarded the Health & Society Prize by social science Professor Barbara Beardwood.
  • The Health & Society third-year Founders Book Prize was awarded to Adrienne Shnier, while the fourth-year Founders Book Prize was awarded to Aarthy Rajah
  • Professor David Skinner, chair of the Department of Communication Studies, awarded the Penny Joliffe Award for the highest mark in Introduction to Communication Studies to Heather Henderson.
  • Alee Attoe received the International Development Studies Award. 
  • Professor Emeritus Jerry Durlak, a long-time member of communications studies who retired in 2005, returned to York to present Christopher Turner with an award for achieving the highest CPA from the second-year Information & Technology course.

Left: Professor Emeritus Jerry Durlak (left) with Christopher Turner

• Professor Anna Pratt of the Criminology Program in the Department of Social Science gave the Criminology Honours Scholarship to Jason Brooks for earning the highest academic average in his previous year of study. Pratt also presented Leora Muise the Criminology 1650 Prize for the highest grade in SOSC/CRIM 1650.  

Right: Professor Anna Pratt (left) with Jason Brooks

  • Kara Weiler received the Lillian Lerman Book Award for her first-year essay from Professor David Skinner.
  • Professor Carlotta McAlister awarded Vivian Trumblay the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Honours Award. 
  • Professor Stephanie Ross presented the Labour Studies Achievement Award to Adeel Mulla
  • Jennifer Lui received the Neil Reimer Award, financed by the Neil Reimer Union Education Development Fund, which was established in 1984 by Professor Stephanie Ross.
  • Professor Emeritus Dalton Kehoe, a 44-year member of the faculty at York University and long-serving member of the Communication Studies Program, presented Alanna Fallis with an award for highest GPA and performance in the Communication in Everyday Life course that he teaches.

Left: Richard Wellen (left) with Alanna Fallis and Professor Emeritus Dalton Kehoe

• The Alterna Social Economy Scholarship in honour of Haswell B. Iron was awarded for the first time to Eyal Rosenblum. The award is earned by the fourth year Business & Society student in the Social Economy stream who has achieved top academic standing in the third year of study.  

  • Professor Kimberly White presented the Law & Society Prize for the highest GAOS for a fourth-year student to Sezar Bune. White also awarded the Law & Society Honours Prize to Mikaila Greene, and the Jane Banfield Book Award to Nora Kharouba and Tarnbir Chauhan.  

Right: Heather Henderson (left) received the Penny Joliffe Award from Professor David Skinner

  • Professor Anne MacLennan awarded the Reva Orlicky Award for interest in radio to Erin Pehlivan.   
  • Urban studies Professor Lisa Drummond presented Erica Warsh with the third-year Mariona Miller Award. 
  • Evan McDonough received the fourth-year Marion Miller Award, created in memory of a student who was killed in an airplane accident.  
  • Christine Iamonaco-Dagg received the SOSC 3700 Award. 
  • Lisa Choi received the Frances Frisken Prize. 
  • The Business & Society Honours Awards were given to Sharie-Ann Campbell and Armin Ayrom.

Left: Erin Pehlivan (left) with Professor Anne MacLennan 

The awards ceremony was followed by a reception. The event was sponsored by Professor Richard Wellan, chair of the Department of Social Science; Professor David Skinner, chair of the Department of Communication Studies; and the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies Teaching & Development Committee.

For a complete description of each of the awards and the colleagues honoured, visit the Department of Social Science and Department of Communication Studies awards pages.