Principal’s Honour Roll celebration pays tribute to top Glendon students

This year’s annual Principal’s Honour Roll reception on Nov. 23 recognized the largest number of top students in Glendon’s history, 50 of them in all for the 2008-2009 year.

“Students currently entering Glendon are the highest achievers to date,” said Glendon Principal Kenneth McRoberts. “It is no wonder, therefore, that we have an ever-increasing number of students who continue to maintain their academic success throughout their years at this campus.”

Right: From left, Françoise Mougeon, Glendon associate principal, academics & research; Glendon Principal Kenneth McRoberts; and top student Jaclyn Volkhammer

The student with the highest grade point average of 8.5 for 2008-2009 was Jaclyn Volkhammer, a French immersion graduate who turned her focus to political science, environmental studies and economics while keeping up her French. Volkhammer tries to make the most of everything Glendon has to offer, both in the classroom and in extracurricular activities. She is an avid participant in clubs dealing with political, environmental and human rights issues and has served on several of their executives. 

In addition, Volkhammer is a correspondent for Pro Tem, Glendon’s student newspaper. She is a student representative on Faculty Council and an eager participant in community and University government activities. Her interests are diverse and range from playing the piano and reading science fiction to running science camps for children in the summer. She was featured as one of York’s top 10 undergraduate stars in the December 2009 issue of YorkU magazine.

Left: From left, student Elena Daradur; Françoise Mougeon, Glendon associate principal, academics & research; student Ana Daradur; and Glendon Principal Kenneth McRoberts. The twin sisters have been on the Principal’s Honour Roll consistently.

Volkhammer’s advice to other students for success is to “…get involved, join clubs, talk to your professors and get to know them, because they are wonderful resources and they really care. Use all the resources the campus has to offer, including the library and the language labs. Most of all, schedule your time effectively, plan out your activities, both in class and beyond, and jump into university life.”

What does the future hold for Volkhammer? She’ll probably pursue a master’s degree in public & international affairs at Glendon with the goal of public service, perhaps as a policy analyst or as a diplomat. “I came to Glendon for an open house in Grade 11 and fell in love with the campus. I know I made the right choice, Glendon has my heart.”

Right: From left, Glendon Principal Kenneth McRoberts and student Adrian Camara

Françoise Mougeon, associate principal, academics &d research, said: “The final grade point average of our students confirms their quality, as well as the success of our professors and our courses. Students enter as very young individuals and graduate as adults, ready to function in the world. Our graduates are well-prepared to confront whatever challenges the future may bring them.”

As the Honour Roll students came up one by one to receive a certificate attesting to their accomplishments and shake hands with McRoberts, Mougeon and Rosanna Furgiuele, associate principal of Student Services, their families beamed with pride at their achievements and their success.

Submitted by Marika Kemeny, Glendon communications officer