Ambi-Valent Objects Exhibition explores art and science

The U50 Ambi-Valent Objects Exhibition: The Art Gallery Meets the Science Fair will bring over 25 participants together from a variety of fields to create catalytic collaborations, mind-bending artworks, hybrid performances, interactive videos, holographic projections, cosmic ray visualizations and more.

The grand finale of the Art Meets Science Series, in celebration of York’s 50th anniversary, the Ambi-Valent Objects Exhibition will run from Monday, Oct. 5 to Friday, Oct. 16, at the Gales Gallery, 105 Accolade West Building and the Special Projects Gallery, 102 Joan & Martin Goldfarb Centre for Fine Arts, both at the Keele campus.

There will be a reception at both locations on Thursday, Oct. 8, from 4 to 6pm.

The participants hail from fields such as anthropology, mathematics, film, physics, astronomy, dance, environmental studies, visual arts, ecology, English, engineering and social & political thought.

These interdisciplinary encounters have produced ambivalent objects that expand assumptions about what gets to count as a work of art or a science experiment.

The exhibition features collaborations by Melissa Atkinson-Graham, Dunja Baus, Majero Bouman, Jessica Caporusso, Danielle Coghlan, Claire Dalmyn, Nicole Dawson, Emilie Dionne, Zev Farber, Maggie Flynn, Dave Frankovich, Jeffrey Lynn Goldblum, Alex Laverick, Nicholas Loess, Alexis McDougall, Scott Menary, Zita Nyarady, Shalanda Phillips, Elissa Ross, Don Sinclair, Jennie Suddick, Nora Szabo, Dustin Wenzel and Ron Wild.

It is sponsored by York’s Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies, as well as the Faculties of Science & Engineering and Fine Arts, Founders College, the Centre for Vision Research, the Department of Biology, the Department of Anthropology and the META Lab.

For more information, visit the Ambi-Valent Objects Exhibition Web site or contact York anthropology Professor Natasha Myers at