Schulich’s Bernie Wolf talks today about the future of the auto industry

What will the automotive sector look like in the future? That’s just one of the questions Bernie Wolf, economics and international business professor at the Schulich School of Business at York, will address in his lecture today as part of York’s Calumet College speakers series.

"The Canadian Automotive Industry: When the Storm Settles, What Will Be Left?", takes place today from 2:30 to 4pm at 214 Calumet College, Keele campus. Wolf, director of the International MBA Program at Schulich, is an expert in international economic trends and the global restructuring of manufacturing industries, especially the automotive industry.

Right: Bernie Wolf

The Canadian automotive industry, very much an integral part of the integrated North American industry, is being hit by a massive downturn in demand, notes Wolf. The Detroit Three, already weakened by falling market share in the market since 1993, are fighting for their survival.

They are pleading for huge government assistance, concessions by labour and conversion of debt to equity by bondholders. Vehicle parts makers are also being hard hit.

Wolf will explore how the auto industry got into such a mess in the first place. He will also examine how the industry’s troubles relate to the global economic and financial meltdown, and what the industry will look like when demand starts to rebound.

In addition to his academic work, Wolf has acted as a consultant and advisor to a number of multinational firms and to the Canadian government. The media regularly interviews him on global developments in the manufacturing and service sector as well as on financial and economic issues.

Everyone is welcome. Light refreshments will be served.