Stellar rankings for the Osgoode Hall Law Journal

With only a few weeks to go before the release of the final issue in the Osgoode Hall Law Journal‘s special 50th anniversary series comes the news that the journal has been ranked among the top five per cent of law journals in the world in a survey of some 1,300 law journals worldwide.

The ranking confirms the status of the Osgoode Hall Law Journal as one of the world’s premier law journals.


Above: Osgoode Hall Law Journal editorial staff. Front row, seated, from left: Rishi Hargovan; Professor Jamie Cameron, editor-in-chief; and Steve Molnar, managing editor. Second row, from left: Natasha Razack; Carly Fidler; Seher Goderya; Catherine Healy-Varley; James Cheng; and Maggie Chien. Third row, from left: Stephanie Anderson; Alyssa Brierley; Yoav Harel; Simon Kupi; Maija Martin; and Hamza Dawood. Fourth row, from left: Aaron Sigal; Ren Bucholz; Ahsan Mirza (incoming managing editor); and Justin Lim. Other staff, absent from the photo, are Dan Hohnstein, Scott Jones, Pulat Yunusov and Rivka Birkan.

The survey, which examined periodicals in an array of academic disciplines including law, was conducted by the renowned Australian Research Council in consultation with panels of leading international experts and was designed to help evaluate research excellence.

"Osgoode Hall Law School Professor Jamie Cameron, the journal’s editor-in-chief, student managing editor Steve Molnar and the talented student editors who currently serve the journal with unwavering dedication and commitment are to be commended for their superb efforts," says Patrick Monahan, dean of Osgoode Hall Law School and York provost-designate. 

Credit for the journal’s "A" ranking must also go to its contributors, says Monahan, particularly Osgoode faculty members who have served as external reviewers, submitted articles and book reviews to the journal, participated in its special issues, and stepped forward to serve as guest editors.

On July 1, Cameron will complete her term as the journal’s editor-in-chief and will be succeeded by Osgoode  Professor Benjamin Richardson. 

For more information and to view the list of journals and their ranking, click here.

About the Osgoode Hall Law Journal

The Osgoode Hall Law Journal has been publishing continuously since 1958. In the manner of law reviews at leading US schools, the journal was initially edited entirely by a student board of editors with the support and encouragement of faculty advisers. Early on, the majority of the articles appearing in the journal were written by Osgoode students.

Over the years, the academic ambitions of the journal have grown. Since 1984, when Professor Allan Hutchinson was appointed the first faculty editor-in-chief, the journal has been a joint student-faculty enterprise.

The journal has earned a reputation for excellence in publishing scholarly articles on a wide range of perspectives about law and legal institutions and for providing thorough, meticulous and efficient editorial services to its authors. It aims to provide an interdisciplinary forum for innovative and provocative approaches to legal knowledge.

The journal publishes articles that present new theoretical generalizations, report empirical findings, or address the impact of legal developments on issues of social, political or economic concern from a wide array of disciplinary and ideological perspectives. As well, the journal receives and publishes articles by authors from around the world who offer international or comparative perspectives.