Building a New Faculty: Atkinson and Arts admin offices relocate tomorrow

February 20 will be a busy day for a number of people in the Faculty of Arts and the Atkinson Faculty of Liberal & Professional Studies as offices relocate in advance of the new Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies. Here are the Feb. 20 changes:

  • The Office of the Dean of the Atkinson Faculty moves to S903 Ross Building.
  • The Office of the Associate Dean Research, Atkinson, moves to S829 Ross Building. 
  • The Office of the Associate Dean, Student Relations, Faculty of Arts, moves to 140 Atkinson College.
  • The Office of the Associate Dean Students and Student & Alumni Relations (STARS), Atkinson, move to 150 Atkinson College.
  • The Office of Student & Academic Services, Atkinson, moves to 150 Atkinson College. 

Meanwhile, the Centre for Student Success, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies, located in 150 Atkinson College, will be open for business on March 2.

While staff and faculty are doing their best to ensure service as usual, the moves may have a temporary impact on service levels in some areas.