Deans urge CUPE members to accept University offer

York’s deans and the University Librarian yesterday issued the following message to the York community:

When CUPE 3903 went on strike in November, we all undertook to seek the suspension, with limited exceptions, of academic activities in our Faculties. In so doing, we acknowledged our reliance on the work of our CUPE colleagues in helping to carry out the academic mission of the University. In addition, we continue to recognize the importance to our graduate students of financial support for the successful completion of their “apprenticeship” in our profession.

At the same time, we have had to recognize the unusually severe budgetary constraints that currently characterize all universities in the country in the midst of a worsening economic crisis. And we have had to consider the significant negative impact of a continuing labour disruption on all of our students, as well as on the reputation and academic development of the University.

Having all these considerations in mind, we have reviewed the offer for settlement tabled by the University administration (and indeed have been consulted as negotiations were underway). We believe that the offer is a responsible effort to meet the needs of contract faculty and graduate students in an extremely difficult economic climate. Familiar as we are with the budget situation in our own Faculties, we do not believe that more can be responsibly provided. We hope CUPE members will recognize the gains they have made, and put an end to this debilitating strike by accepting the settlement offer.

Cynthia Archer (University Librarian)
Nick Cercone (dean, Faculty of Science & Engineering)
Robert Drummond (dean, Faculty of Arts)
Dezsö Horváth (dean, Schulich School of Business)
Rhonda Lenton (dean, Atkinson Faculty of Liberal & Professional Studies)
Kenneth McRoberts (principal, Glendon)
Patrick Monahan (dean, Osgoode Hall Law School)
Doug Peers (dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies)
Alice Pitt (dean, Faculty of Education)
Barbara Rahder (dean, Faculty of Environmental Studies)
Barbara Sellers-Young (dean, Faculty of Fine Arts)
Harvey Skinner (dean, Faculty of Health)