Slips and falls can be avoided

In light of the recent heavy snowfall and in preparation of the upcoming winter season, the Department of Occupational Health & Safety at York University urges caution when walking through the Keele and Glendon campuses.

Accidents due to ice, snow and general winter conditions are preventable. Here are a few guidelines to help York staff get through the season safely:

  • Where possible, walk on plowed, sanded, well-lit paths and walkways. Avoid taking shortcuts over snowbanks or on unassumed pathways over green spaces.
  • Remember to wear appropriate winter footwear – preferably with flat, rubber, slip-resistant soles.
  • Be extra careful when getting out of your vehicle in parking lots, as there may be slippery patches.
  • Keep both hands free for balance and take small steps to keep your centre of balance under you.
  • On stairs, always use handrails and walk carefully.
  • Leave yourself enough time to get where you are going – rushing will only make a fall more likely.
  • Cross roadways at pedestrian crosswalks. Activate the light signals to warn motorists you intend to cross.
  • When entering buildings, use floor mats provided to absorb as much of the moisture on your footwear as possible.

And finally, to report a specific area requiring de-icing or snow removal, contact the Facilities Services Department, Campus Services & Business Operations, at ext 22401.

If you are concerned about the weather, the York University Emergency Information Line at 416-736-5600, or the Weather Emergency Web page, offer up-to-date information.   

For for more information, visit the Slips and Falls section on the Department of Occupational Health & Safety Web site.