New fund launched to help strapped York students

Faculty at York University concerned about the plight of their students during the current strike have responded by creating a special bursary fund to help students with financial hardships.  

According to the fund’s organizers, many students at York face serious financial hardship from lost income and unexpected expenses. Undergraduates who held on-campus jobs and those expecting to work full time between terms have had to put their plans on hold. Many expect to be paying more for rent, food, day care and transportation. International and out-of-province students face additional costs from changes in travel plans

In an effort to address this problem, a group of faculty have created a new bursary fund: the York University Undergraduate Student Hardship Fund. They are asking for donations – above all from full-time faculty, although other individuals and organizations (including unions) are welcome to contribute. Donations have already started to come in from generous supporters, including a $10,000 pledge from the York University Faculty Association.

Money collected will go into the hardship fund under the administrative umbrella of the York University Foundation. An allocations committee will establish criteria for awarding grants. Bursaries will be awarded through the Office of Student Financial Services between Jan. 15 and June 30, 2009, or until the fund is depleted. Any money left will go to Student Financial Services for its students’ emergency fund.

All individuals and organizations wishing to make a tax deductible donation to the fund can do so by following the instructions set out below. Note that in order to receive a 2008 tax receipt, donations must be received by York University or the York University Foundation on or before Dec. 31, with a cheque or credit card authorization dated Dec. 31 or earlier, or have a valid postmark of Dec. 31 or earlier.

If you would like to make a gift in tribute or in memory of someone, make mention of this when making the phone donation, in a letter when mailing in a donation or in the space provided when donating online. If you would like an in tribute/in memory card sent out to them or their family, please supply the appropriate mailing address

To give online: Visit the York University Foundation Web site and click on the "Give Now, Click Here" button on the left side. When filling out the online donation form under "First Allocation" please be sure to click on "Other" and in the box provided please write "York University Undergraduate Hardship Fund".

To give by mail: Please fill out a copy of the printable donation form and send in with a cheque made payable to "York University Foundation" to the address below. In the cheque’s "memo" line please write: York University Undergraduate Hardship Fund". Mail the cheque to the following address:

York University Foundation
Attention: Andrea Lucas, Senior Development Officer
West Office Building, 4700 Keele Street
Toronto, ON M3J 1P3

To give by phone/credit card: Please call 416-650-8210 and ask to make a donation by credit card to support the "York University Undergraduate Hardship Fund".

For more information, contact Prof. Paul Antze,  Health & Society Program, Faculty of Arts, at or Prof. Megan Davies, Health & Society Program, at