Law professor’s blog selected as one of the best by the American Bar Association

The American Bar Association Journal announced Dec. 1 that it has selected “Slaw”, a blog moderated by Professor Emeritus Simon Fodden, “as one of the 100 best Web sites primarily written by lawyers, for lawyers.” Fodden’s blog is one of 10 in the “Plugged In” category.

Right: Simon Fodden

“New legal blogs are springing up on a daily basis – we now have more than 2,000 in our online directory. Competition for the time and attention of lawyers is getting fiercer,” says Edward A. Adams, the journal’s editor and publisher. “Half the blogs on last year’s inaugural Blawg 100 list didn’t make the cut this year. That’s a testament to the quality of this year’s honourees, and evidence of the increasing amount of valuable information all legal blogs are publishing.”

Slaw” is a blog Fodden started over three years ago, largely for the legal research and IT community in Canada. Information on the ABA Web site says “the name Slaw was chosen in deference to Salon and Slate and the notion that a cooperative Weblog with many contributors is bound to consist of a great many (nutritious) small pieces in rather a jumble. Despite its Canadian emphasis, Slaw’s topics are technologically universal and insightful.”

Slaw has more than a dozen regular contributors from across Canada and has enjoyed contributions from 75 members since its inception.