Memorial for Prof. Daniel Simeoni to be held at Glendon Gallery

Almost one year ago, York Professor Daniel Simeoni, director of Glendon’s Graduate Program in Translation and member of the Graduate Program in Humanities – a colleague, professor, friend and mentor – passed away.

Right: Professor Daniel Simeoni

Just prior to his death, Prof. Simeoni founded the Research Group on Translation and Transcultural Contact and was working on developing a PhD program in translation studies, while working on various research projects and publications. His death put an end to a promising career.

As Jules Michelet said: "Every death leaves behind a little legacy, a memory, and demands that we look after it.” It is precisely to share his memory and to acknowledge his intellectual legacy that Glendon and the School of Translation are hosting a memorial on Thursday, Nov. 6 from 3:30 to 6pm at the Glendon Gallery, Glendon campus.

Guests, colleagues, friends and students are invited to come and honour Prof. Simeoni. Michael Cronin (Dublin City University), Alexis Nouss (Cardiff University) and Sherry Simon (Concordia University) will be at the memorial. Montreal artist Boris Chukhovitch will show a PowerPoint presentation on Prof. Simeoni’s "La traduction visuelle des concepts en sciences humaines."

Prof. Simeoni’s most important works, prizes and projects as well as several photographs will be exhibited at the gallery. Speeches will start at 4pm in Room 102, Glendon Hall. A reception will follow.