Introducing Recreation York’s new weight management program

The goal of a trimmer, healthier physique can be a daunting one. High stress, improper food choices and lack of physical activity all conspire to add inches to the waistline and contribute to a host of health problems. Add to this the multitude of quick-fix fitness solutions and it’s little wonder that people get discouraged and resign themselves to the ever-increasing number on their scales.

To help University community members get into shape, the fitness and lifestyle staff at the Tait McKenzie Centre have designed a new program to guide participants through the process of developing and maintaining an action plan to reach their well-being goals. Using already established and successful programs, staff will take participants through the planning stages of a personalized activity schedule and educate participants on how to make choices that will maximize their efforts. The program also aims to ensure safe application of all principles that are discussed with a goal of fostering long-term healthy living.

The Weight Management Program runs during the fall term starting on Sept. 22 and continues until Dec. 6. Those registered will have access to a number of quality programs including Boot Camp, Nutritional Counselling and Pilates. Participants can register at the Client Services Desk at the Tait McKenzie Centre. For more information on the program contact John Bruce at ext. 40035.