‘The Court’ receives second honour in less than two years

"The Court", Osgoode Hall Law School’s online resource for debate and data about the Supreme Court of Canada, has been honoured once again. The United States Library of Congress has chosen it for inclusion in its Web capture program designed to preserve important Internet content for future generations.

It’s an honour that “confirms The Court’s importance to audiences worldwide,” said Patrick Monahan, dean of York’s Osgoode Hall Law School.

Right: James Stribopoulos

The Library of Congress says "The Court" will be part of  the "selective collection of authoritative (legal) blogs associated with American Bar Association approved law schools, research institutes, think tanks and other expertise-based organizations.”

The Library of Congress will regularly collect content from "The Court" and add it to its research collections. This means that researchers at Library of Congress facilities will have access to material from "The Court", as will off-site researchers through the Library’s public access Web site.

“In identifying ‘The Court’ as a Web site of importance, the Library of Congress is signalling to researchers around the world that what we have to say on ‘The Court’ is fostering education and scholarship and contributing to the historical record of national events,” said Monahan.

"The Court" started in January 2007. Last year, it received a CLawBie (Canadian Law Blog Award) for Best New Law Blog. York Professor Emeritus Simon Fodden, founding editor of "The Court", his inaugural team of student editors, along with current editor, York Professor James Stribopoulos, and his group of contributors, are responsible for putting "The Court" on the map.

Left: Professor Emeritus Simon Fodden (centre right) and the inaugural student editors. From left, Evan VanDyk, Yu-Sung Soh, Naseem Mithoowani, Thomas Hughes, Julie Lanz, Jodi Martin, Tracy Brown, Fodden, Julian Ho, Krystal Manitius and Corey Wall

“In a very short period of time, it has become the go-to place in the blogosphere for news and commentary about our Supreme Court,” said Monahan.

"The Court" is a place where scholars, practitioners and interested citizens can discuss the most recent work of the Supreme Court of Canada. Student editors respond to cases that the Supreme Court is scheduled to hear or has decided within the last two years. There is also commentary on other aspects of the Supreme Court as well as debate about current issues facing the country’s highest court. The site also offers resources about the Supreme Court and continually updates its collection.