York University moves to a new food service provider

The Central Square Cafeteria, and Complex 1 and 2 Cafeterias – with the exception of Tim Horton’s – will be closed this week while the University moves to a new food service provider. The move will be completed with a return to service before classes begin on Sept. 2.

Over the summer, York’s food services contracts for the operation of six on-campus facilities have changed hands from Sodexo Canada to Aramark Canada. The two companies are currently working with the University to minimize disruption to the York community during the transition period before classes begin.

Catering orders that have been placed with Sodexo have been reviewed by both parties and will be honoured by Aramark. Community members wishing to place new catering orders with Aramark can contact Galé Ghougassian at ext. 58237

Additional questions regarding the transition can be directed to the Food & Vending Services Unit at ext. 60461.

As a result of this transition, the Cock & Bull Pub, located in the basement of Founders College, and the East Office Building Café will be closed until further notice.

Students who are moving into residence at York will be able to use their meal plans at more than 30 other locations on the Keele Campus, which are also open to faculty and staff.

Aramark is a leading managed services provider and, through its various divisions, currently operates the TEL Cafe, Schulich dining services, and Seneca@York dining services.

The Keele campus locations scheduled to re-open Sept. 2 include:

  • Booster Juice (Curtis Lecture Halls);
  • Central Square Cafeteria (including Tim Horton’s and Pizza Pizza);
  • Complex 1 Cafeteria (Winters College);
  • Complex 2 Cafeteria (Stong/Bethune College);
  • Las Nubes Cafe (Computer Science & Engineering Building);
  • Tim Horton’s (William Small Centre).

Tim Horton’s restaurants located in the Central Square and William Small Centre will close at 2pm on Friday, Aug. 29 and will re-open on Tuesday, September 2.

After Sept. 2, community members will continue to see the franchise operations that they enjoy including Tim Horton’s, Mr. Sub, Pizza Pizza and Booster Juice. The existing in-house concepts and menus will be converted to new menus under Aramark’s banners providing a range of food choices. More information about the new menus will be announced later this week.

Over the next year, York’s Food Services and Aramark will be conducting an extensive review of menu offerings, including community consultation, with a view to enhancing service and food choices for members of the University community.

Updated hours of operation for all campus food locations will be posted on the Food Services Web site as they become available.