Early subway construction is a harbinger of good things to come

Preliminary work on the Spadina Subway extension has started in the northwest quadrant of York’s Keele campus. The work underway is part of a year-long project to redirect an existing storm sewer currently positioned on the south side of Steeles Avenue. The project, which has just commenced, involves relocating a section of sewer approximately 325 metres through the Keele campus. The relocation will move through the northwest portion of the York lands and is necessary to avoid the future subway station box that will run from the campus under Steeles.

Right: The area of the Keele campus affected by the sewer realignment

This project is the first of a number of projects the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) is carrying out as the detailed design of the subway gets underway. York has worked cooperatively with the TTC over the past year to lay the groundwork for this project. Alignment of the new sewer will be positioned south of Steeles along the west side of the Toronto Track & Field Centre. It will move west through the middle of the Northwest Gate parking lot, and then northwest diagonally under Northwest Gate and the corner of the York Stadium, back to Steeles.  

Construction of the sewer under the York Stadium and Northwest Gate will be conducted using tunnelling equipment. Use of the field and traffic flows into and out of the area will not be affected. However, construction through the parking lot will be done by trenching from above and will result in some portions of the Northwest Gate lot being cordoned off. 

York has required the TTC to stage the work so as to minimize disruption to the operation of the parking lot, particularly during the upcoming Tennis Canada tournament.

For more information, contact the York University Development Corporation by e-mail to yudc@yorku.ca.