Noël Badiou becomes York’s new director of human rights

President & Vice-Chancellor Mamdouh Shoukri has issued this announcement:

I commissioned a review of the role of the position of ombudsperson and director, Centre for Human Rights, in the fall of 2007 as the position had not been filled permanently following the departure of the ombudsperson and director, Centre for Human Rights, in December 2006.

Upon reviewing the findings in the report, I decided that the position should be split into two positions: director of human rights and ombudsperson. In addition to the splitting of the position, it is important to note that the director of human rights will be responsible for the management of the Centre for Human Rights and that the work of the ombudsperson will be independent of the centre.

The search for the director of human rights has been completed and I am pleased to announce that Noël Badiou will assume the role of director of human rights on July 21, 2008. Noël comes to York University from the Court Challenges Program of Canada, where he served as executive director and secretary for the past seven years. Prior to that, Noël was the manager of investigation and mediation at the Manitoba Human Rights Commission.

I want to welcome Noël to York and say how much I look forward to working with him. I also want to thank Selwyn McSween, who has been the interim ombudsperson and director, human rights, since January 2007, for his significant contributions during this transition. Selwyn will be returning to his role as senior adviser, case resolution, once Noël has arrived.

The position of ombudsperson is currently under consideration and the intention is that this position would not be full-time and would be appointed by the president as the need arises.