Business advice for a custom jersey designer

In a business advice column May 5, The Globe and Mail sought the expert opinion of York marketing Prof. Detlev Zwick on how Toronto-based Sultan Apparel Inc., which makes custom jerseys mostly for basketball teams, could expand.  

Sultan co-owner Fergy Neves started making jerseys out of necessity 20 years ago. Most of his clients are high school and university basketball teams, but the list also includes the Toronto Argonauts.

Big names aside, the profits still aren’t enough to support Neves’s own dream – making his passion a viable full-time pursuit. He works as a civil servant in Peel Region, while his partner, a former basketball player named Colin Poponne, is a real estate agent. "If there was an opportunity to make a living at this, would I take it? Absolutely," says Neves. But vastly increasing sales would require a "lot of coin." He’s not willing to crank out uniforms assembly line style.

Zwick is optimistic about Sultan’s chances, should the partners want to expand. Neves "has a different message than other manufacturers in the market. I say that because a lot of orders are coming from teams that simply see his uniforms on the court,” says Zwick. “He’s also done this with little marketing or selling efforts, so that’s a pretty decent start." What Neves needs to figure out, if he wants to expand, is who the key decision makers are, and how to access them. "He should consider hiring one or two reps in the US who are present at the tournaments. That or incentivizing coaches and athletic directors at large universities to push his product as proxy sales reps. He’s already selling his product without pushing, and he’s too small to consider a large advertising campaign, so this seems like the best way."

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