CNS offers a new way to access your voicemail

York’s Computing & Network Services (CNS) is introducing a new Web-based method for accessing voicemail. The new system has many features that will help faculty and staff manage their voicemail and related features. For more information, visit the My Voicemail Online Web site.

Anyone with an existing telephone extension can immediately access the Web site. Faculty and staff can access their voicemail anywhere there is an Internet connection, listen to messages in any order and get access to more features to telephone services. Voice messages are listed as a link, instead of having to listen to each message in order through the telephone.  

Features such as recording extended absence greetings, selecting custom operator numbers and saving voicemail to your computer are all some of the features of the service. There are no changes to passwords and no new accounts required and you can access the system right away.

Users can play messages using their existing audio software such as Quicktime, Windows Media Player or Winamp. Although not required, additional software is available for playing messages with additional features such as volume, speed and return call options.

For more information, to request training, or to report problems with the service, contact the help desk at ext. 55800, or e-mail