Learn to relax at the winter Stress Buster Carnival

With the mounting pressure of finishing final assignments and studying for exams, some students may be feeling as grey as a dull winter day and as wound up as a ball of yarn. That’s why york is U has organized a winter Stress Buster Carnival for Thursday, March 20, from noon to 5pm, in Vari Hall and East Bear Pit in Central Square. It’s a chance to unwind, relax and have some fun.

It’s a day-long event featuring free massages, cotton candy, popcorn, snow cones, Las Nubes "fair trade" coffee, carnival games and great prizes.

Relieving the stress that can build up at this busy time of the year is the aim of the Stress Buster Carnival. Experts from health education will be on hand to share fun and interactive coping strategies for exam stress and anxiety. And, with the theme of the carnival geared toward health and the body, students will have the chance to learn yoga exercises and techniques to help bust their stress.

The carnival is a great way to escape the everyday hassles and enjoy a little free pampering with a professional massage. The popcorn, cotton candy, snow cones and Las Nubes coffee are also free. Of course, no carnival is complete without games. Participants can play interactive games, including Nintendo wii, to win prizes simply by completing their game cards.

"Stress Buster is a great way for students to take their mind off of school for a some time and have fun," says Faisal Abasi, the stress buster coordinator. "The free games and massages are great ways to relax and take a break from those exams and final papers, especially because everything is free. Students love it."

Over the years, the Stress Buster Carnival has grown so much in size and scope, that the organizers decided to hold two of them this year. After hosting an extremely successful fall Stress Buster Carnival in November 2007, they are excitedly anticipating a much bigger and better winter Stress Buster Carnival. 

york is U is the Student Alumni Program at York University. For more information, see the york is U Web site or e-mail york is U’s Campus Life Director Victoria at campuslf@yorku.ca.