Information session explains how Second Life can benefit libraries

The York University Library Emerging Technology Interest Group is hosting an information session with Krista Godfrey, McMaster University’s Second Life librarian.

The session, open to all faculty and staff, takes place Tuesday, March 18, from 10:30am to noon, Room 310, Scott Library, Keele campus.

The 3-D virtual world of Second Life has been a hot topic in the media and in the library community. It is a world where its residents create and own everything that’s there. They buy virtual property, build virtual houses and own virtual businesses. Since it became open to the public in 2003, the number of residents from around the world has reached into the millions. There are events, forums, conferences, shopping and more.

Godfrey will discuss what libraries are doing in this innovative environment and why they invest time and energy in a virtual world. She will also outline and demonstrate McMaster’s virtual library in Second Life and the services that they provide.

Right: Krista Godfrey

Founding the McMaster University Library presence on Cybrary City near InfoIsland in Second Life, Godfrey has since launched a virtual reference service in the virtual world and will continue to explore service opportunities on the library’s island. McMaster’s virtual library provides library services, a help desk and digital exhibitions. There is a computer which links to the library’s catalogue and database partners as well as individual campus libraries. 

A liaison librarian at McMaster University, Godfrey has been working, volunteering and exploring in Second Life for over a year as Danu Dahlstom, who is co-chair of InfoCan, a group which unites and promotes Canadian information workers in Second Life.

Godfrey is also Chair of the E-Government Publication Working Group in the non-virtual world and is interested in emerging technologies in libraries and in government publications, information literacy and government publications, preservation and access of government publications along with ancient libraries.

There will be plenty of time for questions during and after Godfrey’s presentation. Refreshments and cookies will be provided. RSVP to Sarah Coysh at by Friday, March 14.