President issues statement on racist graffiti in Student Centre

York President & Vice-Chancellor Mamdouh Shoukri issued this statement yesterday:

I was dismayed to learn of the racist graffiti in the Student Centre earlier this week. These acts are deplorable and unacceptable anywhere and at any time.

York’s Mission Statement emphasizes our multicultural nature and the value we place on tolerance and diversity. York is comprised of a community of communities; an attack on any group at York is an attack on our entire community. That is why it’s important that we all speak up loud and clear to condemn racism and oppression of every kind.

The hateful graffiti is a reminder that even at an institution of higher learning, we are not immune from hate. We must never be complacent; we cannot allow these hateful ideas to fester and spread. We must work together, each of us, to find ways to ensure this never happens again.

York University is committed to ensuring a productive, safe and peaceful learning environment for everyone. These principles are the basis of University policies and regulations, and individuals have a responsibility to uphold them for the sake of the entire York community. For information on our community values, please go to: A Guide to Community Membership at York University.