York International launches new online magazine, e-MAGINED

The first issue of York International’s new electronic publication e-MAGINED is now available on the Web, offering a place not only to read articles, but to discuss issues relating to international education. The publication subtitles itself as the Canadian e-Magazine of International Education.

York International plans to publish e-MAGINED three times a year as an open publication available for free.


Its creators say the magazine, launched Dec. 15, will offer the missing locus for critical reflection, including a unique and distinctive Canadian space for dialogue, discussion and debate on the practices and policies, challenges and opportunities for the internationalization of postsecondary education in Canada. The publication was designed by York/Sheridan design student Linna Xu.

"This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in international education to provide interesting perspectives and share them with their peers in Canada and around the world," said Carol Irving, e-MAGINED’s executive editor and policy analyst in York’s Office of the Associate Vice-President International. "Students, academics, professionals and interested lay persons have a new forum to connect and cultivate their mutual interests."

With a true international scope, stories in the first issue include articles from policy analysts at the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC) as well as from a director at the University of Mongolia. There are reflective essays from a current York graduate student from India and another from a York graduate now working at the international office at Trent University, Ont., along with an article from a professor about a new Internet-based course that links students in three countries.

To find a name for the new magazine, York International ran an open competition in June 2007. Christian Marjollet, program coordinator of the Ontario/Rhône-Alpes Student Exchange Program and a lecturer in the Department of French Studies at York, was the winner. Linna Xu, a student in the Department of Design, Faculty of Fine Arts, designed the magazine’s logo and Web site.

Right: Adrian Shubert

"e-MAGINED will encourage an ongoing, national forum that will, we hope, continue the conversations and ideas presented at the various conferences held in Canada," said Adrian Shubert, York’s associate vice-president international. "It will provide continuity between conferences, but will also be open and accessible to anyone interested in this subject."

The next issue is expected out in May. Contributors are encouraged to submit articles and essays for consideration in English or French by April 4. Contributions are welcome from anyone involved or interested in international education in Canada or at partner institutions elsewhere, including practitioners at colleges and universities, students and people in all levels of government, non-government organizations and the private sector.

York International is the central international education office of York University. Under the mandate of the Office of the Associate Vice-President International, York International works towards internationalization of all University activities.

For more information on submissions, visit the e-MAGINED Web site or contact Carol Irving at cirving@yorku.ca.

Story submitted to YFile by Edward Fenner, managing editor of e-MAGINED.