Learn the moving meditation of tai chi

Tai chi is an exceptional mind and body exercise that will challenge anyone in search of physical fitness, emotional balance and mental clarity. This form of moving meditation energizes the body by improving circulation, respiration, muscle tone and flexibility. York is now offering a course in tai chi which will take place every Wednesday, 12:10-12:50pm, from Jan. 16 to March 12, at the Tait McKenzie Centre.

Right: new research suggests that tai chi and qigong practice may offer immunity-enhancing characteristics. Photo by Rita Abiog.

The course will be taught by Master Helen Wu an educator with extensive experience and training in the martial arts and various health disciplines. Having trained since the age of three, Wu continues her life long pursuit of excellence in the martial arts as a teacher and shares her knowledge through books, lectures and clinical practice. Her years of training in the martial arts are complimented by her studies at the Shangai Teacher’s University in China. Currently, Wu teaches a comprehensive tai chi course for undergraduate students in York’s School of Kinesiology & Health Sciences.

For more information, as well as the complete schedule for other courses, call the Tait McKenzie customer service desk at ext. 55185 or visit http://www.recreation.yorku.ca/instructional/mindbody.htm.