Campus campaign expected to reach its goal in January

The year is fast coming to an end, but the 2007 York United Way campaign just keeps on accepting – and will to the end of January.

Even though the campaign officially wound down more than a week ago, another $5,000 in pledges have come in. The total raised since Nov. 6 is now $156,000, even closer to the $190,000 goal campaign Chair Sue Levesque hopes to reach early in the new year.

“Last year, donations were at about the same level at this time as they are this year in a campaign to raise the same amount,” said Levesque. “By the end of January, we had surpassed our goal.  So we’re hopeful that the same will happen this year.”

“We’re almost there,” said Levesque. “So keep those pledges coming in.”

In the spirit of the season, fill out and mail in your pledge cards before the end of January so York can reach it’s 2007 goal – and so the Greater Toronto United Way can continue helping those in need for the next year.  

If you don’t have a pledge card, Levesque can send you one. Contact her by e-mail at or by phone at ext. 77529 and she’ll put one in the University mail for you.

For more information about York University’s United Way campaign, click here.