Close to 40 students recognized for achievements in York’s Faculty of Arts

Thirty-nine students were recognized for their achievements at York’s Faculty of Arts awards ceremony Nov. 27, including four who were presented with the Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence.

The awards ceremony took place at The Underground with opening remarks by Marilyn Lambert-Drache, associate dean of student relations in the Faculty of Arts, and Faculty of Arts Dean Robert Drummond.

First-year student Marilyn Hui, second-year student Kathleen Farrell, third-year student Gabriel Hauser and fourth-year student Rebecca Procter won the Faculty of Arts Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence for having the highest sessional grade point average in their year.

Right: Rebecca Procter (left), alumnusTed Bluestein (BA ’74), Gabriel Hauser, Marilyn Hui, Kathleen Farrell, alumnus Jeremy Lombardo (BA Hons ’07) and Robert Drummond

Graduating students Hamza Dawood and Ariyan Zaraineh won the Helen Vari Award for outstanding academic achievement and community service.

Four Faculty of Arts Entrance Awards – renewable awards offering financial support to arts students entering first year – went to Talia Baroncelli, Mario Elchami, Claire Gauthier and Joshua Weiner.

Left: Alumna Judy Nyman (left, BA ’76), Hamza Dawood, Ariyan Zaraineh and Marilyn Lambert-Drache

Kathryn Moffat received the George & Catherine Fallis Entrance Award, established by the Fallis family to offer financial support to promising students entering first year, and Wajeeha Ijaz won the Hyacinth Taylor Owen Entrance Bursary, offered to a student entering first year from a high school in the Jane-Finch community.

The Malcolm Streete Memorial Bursary went to Jessica Laryea, while the Malcolm Streete Memorial Scholarship went to Tamara Kupchak. The bursary goes to students entering the Faculty of Arts from a high school in the Jane-Finch or Regent Park communities, who have been involved in their community and have declared an interest in studying in the social sciences. The scholarship is awarded to a continuing student in the Faculty of Arts who demonstrates community involvement in the Jane-Finch or Regent Park communities.

Two students – Aisha Dar and Shannon Keatings – received Randal Dooley Memorial Entrance Bursaries, presented in memory of Randal Dooley, an abused child who died in 1998. The bursary was established to encourage mutual respect through education.

The following Faculty of Arts Student Council Awards were also handed out:

  • Initiative Awards – Shazma Abdulla, Artur Landman, Elise Loterman and Tom Tran
  • Outstanding Contribution Awards – Jessica Pinto and Kristian Rajroop
  • Service Excellence Award – Krisna Saravanamuttu

Twelve students also received Essay Prizes in a competition that underlines the importance of writing as a vehicle for critical thinking:

  • First year – Biraveena Pathmasiri; Alizabet Shtelman (honourable mention)
  • Second year – Sebastian Cimetta; Lesley Wilton (honourable mention)
  • Third year – Group essay by: Oksana Hrycyna, Sarah Mohamed, Erica Natividad, Pamela Pal and Mijana Veljkovic; Elaine Zlotkowski (honourable mention)
  • Fourth year – Leah Susan Taylor; Michael Hannon (honourable mention)

In addition, two other writing contests were held – one for current students and one for alumni. Students were asked to write a response to the question, "How do you think your bachelor of arts degree from the Faculty of Arts at York University will prepare you for you future?", while the alumni were asked, "How did your bachelor of arts degree from the Faculty of Arts at York University prepare you for your future?".

Right: Haley Chown (left); Marlin Gold, former events and promotions coordinator in the Faculty of Arts; Jeff Ball, manager of internal relations, Alumni & Advancement Services; and Robert Drummond

Four winners were announced in the student category – Anna Veprinska, Haley Chown, Margherita Cosentino and Davica Ramdass; and two in the alumni category – Jennifer Williams and Tania Miller.