Calling all potential international interns

The award-winning York International Internship Program (YIIP) is a unique program that enables students to gain international and cross-cultural work experience through internship placements in Canada and abroad in regions such as Latin America, Europe and Southeast Asia. (See the Aug. 19, 2004 issue of YFile for a story on the adventures of past interns.)

These internships, which run for three months in the summer of 2008, are open to senior students from various disciplinary backgrounds. Through an open competition, students will be selected and offered placements. Each placement carries a $3,000 York International Internship Award. Students placed overseas are also eligible to apply for the York International Mobility Award (YIMA).

The internship placements, many of which have been arranged through the cooperative efforts of York faculty members, include work in countries as diverse as Argentina, Barbados, Brazil, Canada, China,  El Salvador, France, India, Italy, Jamaica, Kenya, Lithuania, Mongolia, Russia, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Turkey. Opportunities exist for undergraduate and graduate students in a variety of fields, including art history, fine arts, education, engineering, history, international development studies, international studies, anthropology, computer science and social science. Several placements require students to have foreign language proficiency.

Students must apply by Jan. 7, 2008, to be considered for this year’s internships. Applications and full information are available on the York International Internship Program Web site.

York International is also offering a number of information sessions on the internship program. Click here for a full schedule of dates and times.

York International has also posted photo journals created by past interns. Click here to view their journals.