Student proposals sought for events to celebrate York’s 50th birthday

Student representatives on the University’s U50 Campus Committee are calling on their fellow students to come up with ideas for events to celebrate York’s upcoming 50th birthday.

"I think York’s 50th is a really big deal and I really want to see some student-led events," said first-year Glendon psychology student Ashley Hall. "I think it’s a really good opportunity."

Right: Dianna Phongsy

The U50 Campus Committee is responsible for reviewing all proposals whether for student-initiated or Faculty- and department-based events for York’s 50th anniversary in 2009. There are three volunteer student representatives on the committee, including Hall, second-year Atkinson student Dianna Phongsy and MA student Kelly Fritsch in the Critical Disabilities Studies Program.

"We want to have different people’s input," Phongsy said. "Basically the table is open right now. We’re trying to include all the different perspectives, from alumni and staff to students and faculty."

Hall is hoping student clubs and organizations from both the Keele and Glendon campuses will come forward with proposals, such as concerts and community festivals.

"We’re aiming large," Hall said. "We’re hoping for a really big Keele event, like possibly having a day when students could bring their friends and have a concert and food. Then people outside of the University, especially potential students, could see what York was all about."

She’d also like to see a big event at Glendon where everyone from the Keele campus could join in the celebration, as York’s early years were at Glendon.

"It’s a huge milestone in our history and students really should be involved," Hall said.

Left: Ashley Hall

Right now, the student representatives are trying to get the word out that proposals and ideas are needed and, depending on the event, some funding could be available from the U50 Campus Committee.

"Our goal is to have a big celebration with everyone involved including the outside community," Phongsy said.

As for graduate students, Fritsch believes this is a good opportunity for them to become involved in celebrating York and to help work towards York’s social goals and ideals and to re-define the possible.

Proposals for events need to reach the U50 Campus Committee electronically by Jan. 11, 2008. The committee will review all the proposals and notify the clubs and organizations sometime in February if their proposal has been accepted. The events will then be listed in the September 2008 U50 Calendar of Activities.

Celebrations are expected to begin in January 2009. York officially turns 50 on March 26, 2009.

Right: Kelly Fritsch

There is a template to be followed when making a student-based proposal. All proposals need to contain the following information:

  • Name of the student club or organization.
  • Name of the event organizer and/or signing officer for the club/organization with phone, fax, e-mail and office address.
  • Description of the activity or event, including whether this is a new or existing/annual event and what would make the event in 2009 special or anniversary related.
  • If the event is for more than just the students, whether faculty, staff, alumni and an external audience is to participate.
  • Date and location of the event.
  • Specific requirements of the event such as space, equipment, material, etc.
  • Details of the cost of the event, possible funding sources and any fundraising activities planned to raise money for the event.
  • Any other relevant information.

To download a PDF of the U50 Proposal Template, click here, and for a PDF of the U50 Proposal Example, click here.

Put "U50 Proposal" in the subject line and e-mail all proposals to Sarah Brathwaite in the Office of University Events and Community Relations at:

For more information e-mail Hall at:, Phongsy at: or Fritsch at:

By Sandra McLean, York communications officer.