Launch today for book about ‘twice persecuted’ German Jewish woman

A book launch will be held at York today for Johanna Krause, Twice Persecuted: Surviving in Nazi Germany and Communist East Germany. Berlin-based translators Carolyn Gammon and Christiane Hemker will attend to introduce the book, which is part of the Life Writing Series from Wilfrid Laurier University Press. The series editor is Marlene Kadar, a professor in York’s Division of Humanities, Faculty of Arts, and the School of Women’s Studies.
Persecuted as a Jew, both under the Nazis and in post-war East Germany, Dresden-born Johanna Krause (1907­-2001) courageously fought her way through life with searing humour and indomitable strength of character. Johanna Krause, Twice Persecuted is her story, the result of a collaboration with Gammon and Hemker. See more about the book here.

The launch will be held at 3pm today in York Lanes Room 230R on the Keele campus. A short film about Krause will also be shown.

The event is sponsored by the Canadian Centre for German & European Studies at York and York’s Centre for Feminist Research.