YU-card now available for full-time faculty and staff

If you’ve ever found yourself with hunger pains and an empty wallet at lunch time, you’ll be glad to know the popular red and white YU-card is no longer just for students. It’s now available for full-time faculty and staff.

Most places at York only take cash or YU-cards these days and that can leave a staff or faculty member out of luck even for their morning coffee. That scenario can be avoided, however, with the YU-card, as long as you keep it topped up. The YU-card (pronounced you-card) is similar to a debit card in that funds can be added to it.

As an added incentive for faculty and staff to get their own YU-card, the University is giving away three prizes of $100, to be added to the YU-card. For a chance to win, just deposit $50 on your YU-card before Dec. 14.

The YU-card can be used at over 40 campus retailers including the Bookstore. It also provides access to academic resources at York such as the York Libraries, although existing library cards will be accepted for now. A new or replacement library card will require a YU-card. The YU-card will also soon provide access to the Tait McKenzie Centre for faculty and staff who have purchased memberships.

Right: Anthony Barbisan

"It’s just one quick swipe," says Anthony Barbisan, acting director of the YU-card program. "Plus, the number of services you can use the card for is always growing."

The University is looking to add 15 vending machines across Keele and Glendon campuses that will take the YU-card. The first is already set up in the William Small Centre at Keele.

"Most importantly it’s a consistent form of photo ID for the University, but it also provides faculty easy access to York Libraries and libraries at universities around the world," Barbisan says. "Before, it was more of a hassle for them to do their research elsewhere in the world."

Without a YU-card, the faculty member’s department often had to send proof that the person was a York faculty member to the library in question. The YU-card is designed to eliminate that extra step by providing an accepted form of photo ID.

Barbisan says some museums in other countries also offer entrance discounts to university faculty members and the YU-card can help facilitate that as well.

Money can be added to your YU-card at the YU-card office using cash, credit or debit, or online at the YU-card Web site by using your VISA or Mastercard.

To get your own YU-card, bring your York employee ID number and one piece of valid, government-issued photo identification to the YU-card office: Room 200 William Small Centre, Keele campus, Mondays and Tuesdays from 9am to 7pm, Wednesdays to Fridays from 9am to 4pm or Room C102 York Hall, Glendon campus, Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm. Your photo will be taken and you will receive your YU-card on the spot.

The YU-card is currently unavailable to part-time employees.

For more information visit the YU-card Web site.