Colloquium to review Canada’s military presence in Afghanistan

Is Canada’s military presence in Afghanistan an impossible mission?

That’s the question the Colloquium on the Global South will debate at its next panel discussion, titled Mission Impossible? Assessing Canada’s Role in Afghanistan, tomorrow, Nov. 14, from 2:30 to 4:30pm, in 305 York Lanes.

The University Consortium on the Global South is presenting the event to be chaired by Ricardo Grinspun, economics professor in Faculty of Arts. The panel includes Adeena Niazi of the Afghan Women’s Organization; James Clark of the Toronto Coalition to Stop the War; York PhD candidate in political science, Michael Skinner; and Care Canada’s Steve Cornish. It will look at the issue of whether or not Canadian soldiers should be in Afghanistan.

Left: Adeena Niazi

The Afghan Women’s Organization provides services to Afghan women living in Toronto and Mississauga. It believes women, as the spiritual role models and the link between family and community, have distinct needs. It has been in existence for 10 years.

The Toronto Coalition to Stop the War represents over 60 labour, student, faith and community groups, and works alongside other peace organizations for peace and justice. The organization opposes the war and occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan.

As part of an international network, CARE Canada strives to bring emergency relief to the world’s poorest communities. It was established in 1946.

The discussion will centre around the federal government’s contention that Canada’s role in Afghanistan is to help the people rebuild their country as a stable, democratic and self-sufficient society. Panel members will critically explore whether Canada’s three–dimensional approach of defense, development and diplomacy is contributing to that goal and whether Canada’s policy should be linked to the strategic interests of the United States. The panel will also discuss ways in which Canada can strengthen human rights and the status of women and children in Afghanistan.

This is a free event co-sponsored by York’s Centre for Refugee Studies and York’s Centre for International & Security Studies. Registration is not required and everyone is welcome.

The Colloquium on the Global South is an open space for debate and critical inquiry for students, faculty, NGOs, social activists and policy-makers.

For more information check out the Colloquium’s Web site at or e-mail