The Centre for Research on Language Contact celebrates its second anniversary

Glendon’s Centre for Research on Language Contact (CRLC) will celebrate its second anniversary with an open house on Tuesday, Nov. 6, at 5pm in rooms 202 and 204, C Wing, York Hall, Glendon.

The CRLC brings together faculty and student research investigating various aspects of language contact at societal and individual levels, from second or multiple language acquisition and societal or individual bilingualism to the role of language and cultural contact in how language undergoes changes.

Members of the CRLC investigate language contact across Canada and around the world from the perspective of several disciplines, including sociology, demography, psychology and musicology and in a variety of settings. The centre also provides a forum for members to become acquainted with each other’s work or that of visiting researchers through in-house lectures, on-line displays of some CRLC members’ publications, seminars and more.

The CRLC has special collaborative ties with four graduate programs at York University. As well, the Research Group on Translation & Transcultural Contact (RGTTC) is an integral part of the CRCL. The RGTTC’s mission is the study of a wide range of contact situations among languages, cultures and societies today, as well as in historical contexts.

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