Bike to York offers tune-ups event and a Critical Mass training ride

Bike to York is hosting two events on Friday, Sept. 28. The first is a free bike tune-up clinic and the second is a training ride downtown to the Critical Mass parade and protest.

There will be a free bike tune-up clinic on Friday, running from 12 to 4pm, outside the north side of the Health, Nursing & Environmental Studies Building (facing Library Lane) on York’s Keele campus.

Everyone is invited to come with a bike that needs minor repairs or tuning up. Experts from the Bike to York group will be available to teach those interested a bit about bike maintenance. Those members of the York community who have mechanical skills and tools, or an interest in bike repair are also invited to attend and help out.

Right: The Critical Mass cyclist parade and protest takes place this Friday

At 5pm, members of Bike to York will be congregating after the clinic and will embark on a critical mass group bike training. They’ll head south toward downtown Toronto and will meet up with the Critical Mass cyclist parade and protest at Bloor and Spadina. Critical Mass, which takes place on the last Friday of every month, offers a fun and productive way to reclaim road space. Anyone whose bike commute route goes south from the Keele campus is invited to join Bike to York, even if it is for only part of the way.

After these events, Bike to York hopes to become a registered student group on the Keele campus. The group is devoted to promoting cycling advocacy through workshops and outreach. Members hope to establish a collectively-run bike shop on campus.

For more information, contact Bike to York by e-mail at