Carpooling effort nets new riders

In the past week, more than 50 new commuters from York University have signed up for the Carpool Zone, a free online ride-matching service that helps drivers and passengers find carpool partners from across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Following a successful series of live, outdoor sign-up sessions held on campus last week, York University now has more than 200 people using the Carpool Zone, all of whom are part of the growing GTA Carpool Zone community of 6,000 people. Last week’s sessions gave students, faculty and staff the opportunity to learn more about the Carpool Zone, register for the service and start searching for a carpool match.

Right: Members of the York community sign up for Carpool Zone

Provided by the not-for-profit organization Smart Commute – North Toronto, Vaughan (NTV) and York University Transportation Services, Carpool Zone offers an online venue that helps those travelling to York University find someone to share a ride.

Accessing Carpool Zone is easy and involves registering online at Once registered, those seeking ride matches can search an extensive online database.

Carpooling offers a way to reduce carbon emissions and the resulting impact on the environment. For participants, it saves money for gas and parking, and eases the stress associated with commuting.

For more information on Carpool Zone, e-mail, or visit