Schulich’s dean opens trading at the TSX

Schulich opens the TSX
Above: Applauding after the opening of the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) are, front row, from left, Steve Kee, director of corporate communications, TSX; Mark D’Souza (MBA ’01); Dezsö J. Horváth, dean, Schulich School of Business; Tina Mithra (MBA ’04); Bill Graham (MBA ’86), president, Schulich International Alumni Association; second row, Joseph Palumbo (MBA ’01), executive director, Schulich Career Development Centre; Pamela Shanks, executive director, development & alumni relations, Schulich; Vicki Brar (MBA ’05); Irena Germanoviciute (MBA ’04); Shinji Suzuki (MBA ’06); Bob Guo (MBA ’06); Nicholas Kim (MBA ’08); Sean Siddik (MBA ’03), Schulich chief liaison officer; Arijit Banik (MBA ’03); third row, Steve Wang (MBA ’04); Saheem Malik (MBA ’07); Shabab Mirza (MBA ’08), president, Graduate Business Council; Andrew Leinwand (MBA ’04); Kevin Kaminski (MBA ’03); and Andy Hamlin (MBA ’03). /CNW photo

Proclaiming the Schulich School of Business at York University "Bay Street’s business school", Dean Dezsö J. Horváth applauds the opening of trading at the TSXDezsö J. Horváth officially opened market trading at the Toronto Stock Exchange on Sept. 6 to mark the school’s 40th anniversary.

"We’re proud to be here," said Horváth, "and proud of our school’s impact on the financial services sector – from graduating highly skilled managers and professionals to producing cutting-edge research. Schulich also provides financial sector professionals with executive education courses and seminars at our Bay Street campus."

Right: Horváth smiles with alumni and guests after opening trading for the day at the TSX. /CNW photo

Opening the TSX is an honour which is awarded daily to different individuals. Several recent Schulich graduates joined Horváth for the ceremony, including Mark D’Souza (MBA ’01), vice-president of hedge funds at RBC Capital Markets. Bill Graham (MBA ’86), a senior member of Canada’s financial services sector and president of Schulich’s International Alumni Association, also attended.

Schulich develops more of Canada’s financial services industry professionals, analysts and managers than any other business school in the country. Each year, more than 40 per cent of all Schulich graduates begin careers in the financial services sector in such centres as Toronto, New York, London, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Other prominent Schulich alumni working in Toronto’s financial services sector include Rick Waugh (MBA ’74), chairman and CEO of Scotiabank; David Wilson (MBA ’70), chairman of the Ontario Securities Commission; Anthony Arrell (MBA ’68), chairman & CEO, Burgundy Asset Management; Janice Fukakusa (MBA ’79), CFO, Royal Bank of Canada; Colleen Johnston (BBA ’82), executive VP & CFO, TD Bank Financial Group; Robert Gemmell (MBA/LLB ’83), president & CEO, Citigroup Global Markets; Marianne Harris (MBA/LLB ’83), president, Global Markets & Investment Banking, Merrill Lynch; Paul Jurist (MBA ’74), president & CEO, Deutsche Bank AG, Canada Branch; and Grant Rasmussen (MBA ’93), president & CEO, UBS Bank (Canada).

“The fact is, no business school in the country graduates as many financial services professionals as does Schulich,” said Horváth. “That is why you could call Schulich ‘Bay Street’s business school’.”

The Schulich School of Business, working with leading banking, investment and insurance firms, created Canada’s first comprehensive financial services MBA specialization in the mid-1990s. The school also offers MBA specializations in finance and financial engineering.

In addition to its BBA, MBA and PhD programs, Schulich produces cutting-edge research related to the financial services sector. Schulich also provides executive education courses and seminars for financial sector managers at York’s Keele campus and at the school’s Miles S. Nadal Management Centre, located on Bay Street, as well as through the school’s network of global satellite centres.

In his remarks at the opening, Horváth thanked Schulich alumnus Andrew Leinwand (MBA ’04), senior manager, structured products and ETFs with the TSX Group, for his role in arranging the event.