York psychologist talks about how ovaries might protect the brain

Jill Rich, a psychology professor in York’s Faculty of Health who works with the Baycrest Centre in Toronto, spoke about a new study by the Mayo Clinic in the US suggesting that women who have their ovaries removed run a higher risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, on CBC’s "The National" and other CBC news programs Aug. 29.

The researchers are convinced the female hormone estrogen is the key, said the CBC. The ovaries make estrogen. If the ovaries are gone, so is estrogen. Jill Rich studies memory and aging. “There are a number of biological mechanisms that would lead to the idea that estrogen is actually protective for the brain,” Rich said. Experts also say there’s growing evidence the benefits of hormone replacement therapy may be age-dependent. “Close to menopause, it seems to be beneficial, and if they’re older, especially after age 65, then it seems to be more harmful,” said Rich.

Boxer Post ready to spar with WBA welterweight champion

For former York Lions football player Mike (Prime Time) Post, the path to big-money fights in Las Vegas includes a detour through the mountains of Puerto Rico, wrote The Toronto Star Aug. 30. The Oakville boxer, who is 13-1-1 as a pro and looking to leap from prospect to contender this year, catches his big break this morning when he flies to Puerto Rico to work for 10 weeks as chief sparring partner to WBA welterweight champion Miguel Cotto.

At 27, Post has only been boxing since late 2003. He says he started boxing seriously the same day he walked off the football team at York University when coaches told him to choose between the two sports.