Major road closures start Tuesday on The Pond Road and Shoreham Drive

Phase 1 of  The Pond Road West and Shoreham Drive Reconstruction Project has started, and it will be necessary to close The Pond Road from Nelson Road to the traffic circle which intersects with Shoreham Drive, Arboretum Lane and Ian Macdonald Boulevard. Additionally, Shoreham Drive will be closed from Murray Ross Parkway east to this same traffic circle, which intersects with The Pond Road. These closures will take effect on Tuesday, May 22.

If you usually enter the campus by Shoreham Drive, please enter from Steeles Avenue at either Northwest Gate or Founders Road instead. Entry along Shoreham Drive will be restricted to local traffic only: vehicles authorized to park in the Shoreham Drive Parking Lot, or vehicles going to the Canlan Ice Sports facility or the Rexall Centre. Access to Arboretum Lane and the Arboretum Parking Garage will be from the north side of campus only, via Ian Macdonald Blvd – please use Northwest Gate or one of the other entrances to the campus.

Provisions have been made for emergency vehicles and local traffic to access the Scott Loading Dock as well as the Library Lot and the Arboretum Parking Garage, but traffic will be restricted to a single lane. You should therefore expect delays and be prepared to stop if requested to do so by a person directing traffic.

If you usually drive north on Sentinel Road, you should only turn left at The Pond Road if you are going to the Nelson Road Parking Lot or Passy Gardens. The Pond Road will be closed to all traffic west of Nelson Road. Northbound traffic on Sentinel Road should turn right at The Pond Road for all other Keele campus destinations.

If you enter the campus from Keele Street on either The Pond Road, York Boulevard or The Chimneystack Road, please turn right (north) on Ian Macdonald Boulevard if you need to proceed to the west side of the campus.

Appropriate signage will be posted at key intersections and on walkways affected by these closures.
TTC users should note that the bus stop located at Shoreham Drive and The Pond Road will not be serviced during this period as the 35 Jane bus will now enter the campus at Northwest Gate via Steeles Avenue. The 106 Downsview bus will turn east onto The Pond Road from Sentinel Road and go to the Common via Ian Macdonald Boulevard. During the road closures, there will be no 106 service to the west side of the Keele campus – the TTC bus stop at Scholar’s Walk (Passy Crescent) and the stop at Arboretum Lane (Calumet) will be out of service. The bus stops at Tait McKenzie and East Office Building will be serviced by the 35 Jane bus only, which will connect with the 106 Downsview bus at the Common.

The goSAFE North Route will use Ian Macdonald Boulevard – Founders Road – Steeles Avenue – Murray Ross Parkway – Shoreham Drive – Jane Street/Shoreham Drive and will return via Northwest Gate. The goSAFE stop located at Calumet College will be out of service. Community members may use the goSAFE stop at Tait McKenzie.

Notices will be posted at all public transit stops, indicating any schedule changes as a result of the road closures.

The contractor performing the work will take all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of the community including directing of traffic when needed. Your cooperation, patience and understanding will be appreciated during the implementation of this project as there will be some inconvenience.

It is anticipated that these closures will extend from May 22 to July 30, 2007. Future bulletins will be posted as required as this project proceeds.

For further background on the project and its phases, see the May 3 issue of YFile

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