Major reconstruction project will bring some traffic delays

The summer construction season is about to begin in earnest on York’s Keele campus.

On Monday, May 7, work will begin on the reconstruction of The Pond Road West and Shoreham Drive. The project will upgrade roadway standards prior to the transfer of these roads to the City of Toronto. Specifically, it involves the reconstruction of The Pond Road from Sentinel Road west to the intersection with Shoreham Drive, as well as Shoreham Drive from The Pond Road to the intersection of Murray Ross Parkway.

Included in the project are modifications to the intersections of Murray Ross Parkway and Shoreham Drive, The Pond Road and Shoreham Drive (including the elimination of the existing traffic circle), and the intersection of Sentinel Road and The Pond Road. These improvements will include the installation of traffic signals to improve traffic control at these three intersections.

The project includes landscaping and pedestrian walkway improvements as well as enlarging the Stong Pond to make it function as a storm water management facility.

The project is broken into three phases:

  • The first phase encompasses the road and intersection work on The Pond Road west from Nelson Road, to the intersection of Shoreham Drive and Murray Ross Parkway, with completion scheduled prior to the start of the Rogers Cup tennis tournament in early August. 
  • The second phase entails work on The Pond Road east of Nelson Road including the Sentinel Road intersection, with completion scheduled for the end of August.
  • The third phase involves work related to the Stong Pond and landscaping and walkway work complementing phases one and two.

Due to the nature of this work and the need to complete the entire road work portion of the project by the end of August, it will be necessary to close some sections of roads and walkways.

Appropriate signage will be posted at key intersections of the campus. Bulletins with more specific information relating to closures and re-routing of vehicle and pedestrian traffic will be published as the details of the work schedule are confirmed. 

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