Extreme Makeover: York colleges edition

Above: Renovated Complex 1 Computer Lounge features 30 computer stations

Many of York’s colleges have undergone their own version of the popular television show “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”, providing the York population with spaces worthy of its ever-evolving needs. With a focus on improving the student community environment, the Office of the Vice-President Students has been working closely with the members of the college communities and Department of Facilities Planning & Renovations in order to bring students at York University a number of new student spaces.

“These renovations are important because they provide a comfortable atmosphere for the community and in particular students to enjoy," said Robert Tiffin, York vice-president students. "In addition, the renovations have helped to focus the attention back on the colleges as centres of student activity which is one of the goals behind the Task Force on the Colleges.”

Left: Renovated Founders Junior Common Room (photo by Philip Castleton Photography Inc.)

While some changes have been as simple as updating and replacing broken furniture, other spaces have been transformed. One example of this is the extensive work done in the Founders Junior Common Room. The main goal of this renovation was to develop integrated and flexible student space for the student government and College-affiliated clubs.

Another goal is to localize some services in the colleges. The newly opened Complex 1 Computer Lounge, located in the lower level of the Complex 1 group of colleges (Founders, McLaughlin, Vanier & Winters), provides 30 additional computers for students’ use and a common lounge for students to engage in a relaxed manner.

"Since 2005, we have invested significant funding to ensure that the colleges remain a prominent centrepiece of student life at York,” said Tiffin.

Right: Renovated Founders Student Council space

Tiffin noted that these newly created college spaces provide both social and academic resources for all students, staff and faculty to utilize, providing a more enriched experience.