A new and improved space for the Scott Library

The Scott Library will be undergoing a major renovation this summer. By the end of the renovation project, 20,000 linear feet of static shelving will be removed and 30,000 linear feet of mobile shelving will be installed. This will increase collection capacity, allowing the libraries to shelve 100,000 more volumes as well as create room for 100 additional study spaces.

"There are too few shelves for our books and too few study spaces for students," said University Librarian Cynthia Archer. "The renovations will give us the capacity to add critically needed space." 

Right: The planned renovation of the Scott Library this summer will solve the problem of overcrowding of shelves

The renovation, scheduled to begin shortly, will mean that a section of the third floor stacks will be closed for the summer starting today and will be reopened on Tuesday, Sept. 4.

While the work goes on, a portion of the designated collection will be put away in storage for the summer. However, almost half of the material will be available to borrow. These items will be shelved in different locations in the library. A good proportion of the materials designated for storage during the renovation are journals that will be made available free through interlibrary loans. 

Specifically, the mobile shelving project will affect materials with call numbers ‘A’ through ‘DA 560’ and includes Philosophy, Psychology, Religion, Auxiliary Sciences of History (archeology, archives, inscriptions, etc.), General History (World History, Medieval History, Modern History and Europe), and History of Great Britain and Ireland. The library staff have created a blog to provide updates on the progress of the renovation. The blog is available at scottreno.wordpress.com
Left: The renovation of the Scott Library will provide 100 new study spaces for students

 The following accommodations have been made for the spring/summer sessional courses: 

  • Monographs relevant to course assignments (where known) will be retained on campus.
  • As soon as possible, faculty should send reading lists and library research assignments to their liaison librarian.
  • A fund will be established to cover the cost of acquiring monograph titles that are in storage off campus.

In order to minimize the disruption to students and faculty who will be teaching and researching this summer the libraries have a number of suggestions, including:

  • Interlibrary loans for monographs and journal articles owned by York University Libraries that are in off-campus storage, will be provided free for faculty, graduate and undergraduate students.
  • Where viable the York Libraries will acquire an electronic copy (e-book). Some electronic copies are available now.
  • When appropriate, the York Libraries will purchase a second copy of materials that are stored off site. The acquisition may take one to two weeks, but the item upon arrival can be borrowed with unlimited renewals throughout the summer.
  • The Inter-Campus Borrowing (ICB) service, from Frost Library at the Glendon campus, will be able to provide and deliver requested material to users in Bronfman, Scott and Steacie libraries.
  • Undergraduate students may borrow from most Ontario university libraries (not the University of Toronto) through the Ontario Direct Borrowers Agreement.
  • Faculty and graduate students may borrow materials from all Ontario university libraries and other university libraries across Canada (including the University of Toronto) through the Ontario Direct Borrowers Agreement and Canadian Association of Research Libraries Reciprocal Borrowing Project.
  • Users may drop off borrowed material from other Canadian libraries and York University Libraries will return these items on behalf of students and faculty. Overdue fines will accrue while material is in transit.

"We recognize that this renovation may present some disruptions and difficulties and are doing our best to anticipate our users’ needs," said Archer. "If you are having any trouble locating material, ask a librarian or library staff member and they will be happy to help you. We will also post information signs throughout the library and we suggest that you check the library Web site for project updates and additional tips and tricks for finding the materials you need."

For more information, visit the Scott Renovations Blog available on the Libraries Web site.