Social policy journal publishes two new issues

The latest issues of the Canadian Review of Social Policy (CRSP) have just hit the stands.

Edited by York professors and published by York’s School of Social Work, one issue of the scholarly journal focuses on welfare and crime-prevention programs and the other, a special issue, focuses on homelessness.

Brigitte Kitchen, co-editor and professor emerita from the School of Social Work, says two themes emerge in Issue 57. "The continuation of market-driven neoliberal principles being inserted into the core of social welfare programs with vigour and persistence must surely be surprising even to right-wing think-tanks," she says. "Also, with the aging of the Canadian population, a growing interest in the political engagement of young people is emerging that is also reflected in widespread support for crime prevention and community-based restorative justice programs for youth."

Issue 58 brings together a sampling of papers presented at the Canadian Conference on Homelessness held at York in 2005. York education Prof. Stephen Gaetz was guest editor of this special issue. "The major objective was to figure out how research can have a greater impact on policy and practice," says Gaetz. "We hope that this collection of papers continues the momentum of the collective effort of people across Canada to utilize research to address the challenges of homelessness."

To order copies or subscribe, contact Thaddeus Hwong, CRSP co-editor and professor in York’s School of Administrative Studies and School of Public Policy & Administration, at