Schulich finance professor wins international award

A finance professor from the Schulich School of Business at York University has won a prestigious international award for excellence in financial research writing.

Schulich Associate Professor of Finance Moshe Milevsky (right) will receive a Graham and Dodd Scroll Award of Excellence for 2006 for a groundbreaking research paper that he co-authored together with Peng Chen, Roger G. Ibbotson, and Kevin X. Zhu, a Schulich PhD graduate. The award was given for their published article, "Human Capital, Asset Allocation, and Life Insurance", which describes a practical methodology for merging three financial planning decisions that have traditionally been kept distinct: investment asset allocation, life insurance and the management of human capital risk.

The Graham and Dodd awards were established by the Financial Analysts Journal in 1960 to recognize excellence in financial writing and to honor Benjamin Graham and David L. Dodd for their enduring contributions to the field of financial analysis. This year’s winners will be profiled in the March/April issue of the Financial Analysts Journal. The article has been extended into a book/monograph called "Lifetime Financial Advice", which will be published by the globally recognized CFA Institute in May and sent to all 90,000 accredited Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA) around the world.

Milevsky was recently featured in a major cover story in the January 2007 issue of Research magazine, which is read by financial advisors worldwide. The article announced Milevsky’s engagement as a monthly guest columnist responsible for a new "Retirement Income University" feature.