Glendon Gallery presents Other Don Quixotes exhibition

York’s Glendon Gallery presents Other Don Quixotes, an exhibit of 50 posters by Spanish graphic artists featuring images of the legendary Cervantes character.

The exhibit, which opens Monday, Feb. 19, commemorates the fourth centenary of Cervantes’ novel Don Quijote de la Mancha. Since its publication in 1605, the book has become one of the great classics of Spanish language literature and culture. More than a literary archetype of the Golden Age, the central figure of Don Quixote has endured as a symbol of humanity and given rise to an infinity of interpretations and evocations in literature, art and music.

Four hundred years later tributes to the figure of Don Quixote are being organized all over Spain. In Other Don Quixotes, a distinguished group of Spanish graphic artists offer modern, bold interpretations of this universal archetype and celebrate the art of the poster at the same time.

The exhibit is an initiative of Spain’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Cooperation and the Spanish Embassy in Ottawa.

The public is invited to the opening reception Feb. 21 at Glendon Gallery from 6 to 8pm. At the reception, José Escobar, professor emeritus at Glendon, will read a passage from Cervantes’ Don Quixote and student David Tenorio will read an original poem about the man who tilted at windmills. The show runs to March 2.