Springing forward may cause schedules to fall back

Changes to Daylight Savings time will affect scheduling applications such as Synchronize, Java-based programs (Java version specific issues), Windows 2000, Lotus Notes calendar, personal digital assistants (PDAs) and others. York’s Computing & Network Services (CNS) is currently investigating the problem and possible solutions.

As a result of the new US Energy Policy Act, daylight saving time will begin earlier this year on March 11, rather than April 1. It will end later on Nov. 4, instead of Oct 28. With most of Canada following this policy to maintain time zones, the changes to daylight saving time will affect members of the York community. The impact of these changes on computing services is significant.

Any service that relies upon time may be negatively affected by this change. To date, several operating system vendors have released patches to account for the new dates of the time changes. However, some applications are still being updated and may already have data within them that is incorrect.

CNS has been looking into this issue and to date has identified that Synchronize, Lotus Notes calendar, Java-based programs (Java version specific issues), Windows 2000 and PDA devices are likely to experience problems. Synchronize and Windows 2000 will not be updated by the vendors and the problems will persist. Java-based programs may be corrected by Java patches or updates. Lotus Notes and PDA devices will be receiving patches in the near future.

As a result of the incomplete upgrades it is very possible that users with Lotus Notes and a Blackberry will have meetings offset by one hour on one or both of the applications. At this time, trying to reschedule the meeting may not be effective and only cause more harm than good. CNS recommends that users should not reschedule meetings until they have received further notice. CNS is waiting for vendors to provide updates and guidance. Members of the York community should continue to book meetings at the usual time. CNS will provide updates as more information becomes available.

For more information, contact CNS Client Services at ext. 55800, or e-mail askit@yorku.ca.