Teaching with wikis, RSS feeds and blogs

Ever wondered how to build a community using electronic tools? The Centre for the Support of Teaching (CST) at York University has the answer. On Thursday, Jan. 25, CST is presenting an innovative online seminar that reaches to the heart of wikis, blogs and other recent technologies. Titled "Building Learning Communities with RSS Feeds, Wikis, and Blogs", the seminar will be presented by Professor Norman Garrett of Northeastern Illinois University. It will cover the emerging world of online learning communities which allow members to interact in relationships that facilitate collaborative learning.

In the seminar, Garrett will discuss the structure of such communities and how to integrate them into college and university courses. Available technologies will be demonstrated and discussed, with a primary focus on the integration of these tools into the instructional process.

Right: Norman Garrett

Garrett is currently a professor of Computer Information Systems in the School of Business at Eastern Illinois University, where he teaches courses in programming, networking and management information systems. He has been an educator since starting his first teaching assignment in 1973. Since that time he has worked as a teacher and administrator at the high school, community college, and university levels. He loves to teach using a technologically hybrid approach.

Presented by Magna Publications, this online seminar is sponsored by the CNS Faculty Support Centre and the Centre for Support and teaching. The seminar will take place on Jan. 25 in Room 312, Goldfarb Centre for Fine Arts on York’s Keele campus. Registration is required – to register send an e-mail to cst@yorku.ca by today, Jan. 23.

A discussion will take place following the seminar. Light refreshments will be served. For more information on the learning objectives of this workshop, visit the Magna Publications Web site (do not register at the Magna site – CST will register once for the group).